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is a peer reviewed and an open accessing highly versatile, multipurpose online journal devoted to published original knowledge e and research from the area of ethanobiology and pharmacology. The basic aim of the journal is to lay a platform for the exchange of original information and knowledge about human and domestic health care. It also includes all the fields of research work which has correlation with ethnomedicine and pharmacological sciences.

International journal of ethanomedicine and pharmacological research invites original research articles and reviews on inderdisciplinary studies between nature, human cultures, environment, ecology, nutritional, folk and traditional and medical knowledge with references to public healthcare in developing countries. The journal is published once in a month.

The journal covers the following evidence based topics

All articles published in the journal are made free and all – time accessible online immediately after publication without any subscription charges. Further details can be obtained here.

Authors of articles published in International Journal of Ethnomedicine and Pharmacological Research are given the authority of copyright holders for their articles. They also have the right to change the authority to any third party in advance according to the Harishi Publication copyright and license agreement.