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Instructions for Authors

The journal publishes papers of high quality in any area under the scope of the journal. The author should have an understanding that the articles should act have not been either published or under consideration of publication in any other form.

Publication and Peer-view Process

Research Article

The paper should describe innovative and original research findings. The experimental procedures should be given in sufficient detail for further verification. There is no limit on the length of research paper but should describe and interpret the work clearly and precisely.

The paper should contain an abstract with a set of keywords followed by Introduction, Materials and Methods, Result, Discussion and Conclusion. Acknowledgements and References, Figures and Tables of your manuscript should be in one single file for submission. Manuscript should be typewritten in 12 font size with 1.5 spaced with 2 cm of margins on all sides.

Short Communication

The short communication should describe a concise or sometimes preliminary novel research findings. It might be less substantial than a full length research paper or description of novel models. The work is limited to 2-4 printed pages.


Submission of reviews should be comprehensive and authoritative to topics of current interest to the readers of biological community. The review should not exceed 10 pages.

Citing References in IJEPR

References should be cited in the same way as in a traditional journal.

Format for Citation

Authors; (year), “ Title ”, Journal Name, Volume Number (issue number); Page No.

Submission of Manuscript

Authors of the manuscript are encouraged to submit their work through e-mail to the editor using the address along with a covering letter by the corresponding author or first author. Each of the manuscript will be provided with a manuscript ID number and all further correspondence is done through e-mail by referring the manuscript ID.

Covering Letter

A covering letter should include

  • Author's full address with telephone number and e-mail ID.
  • Kind of manuscript (Research article, short communication or Review) along with the title mentioning the branch of study should be mentioned.
  • An undertaken should be mentioned by the corresponding author that if any animal studies are carried out in accordance to the ethical committee of their country and institution.
  • The author should also state that the article has not been published elsewhere.

Peer-review Policies

Manuscripts will be reviewed at least by 2 experts in the specific field featured in the manuscript and the final decision to accept or reject manuscript will be taken by the Editor-in-Chief.

Further, authors will be able to check the progress of their manuscript at any time by logging into E-mail ID


High quality, bound reprints can be obtained for all articles after publication by the payment of Rs. 500 / $12.